Fast entry and analysis of ecological data


Version 1.6.2

Diversity is a tool for entering and inspecting ecological data, and for measuring various aspects of diversity in a sample of organisms. Diversity uses rarefaction to produce estimates of species richness and to produce rarefaction curves with confidence limits. Comparative plots of samples can also be produced. Diversity can also be used to calculate a variety of other measures of diversity including evenness, Shannon's entropy, Pielou's J, Peters' Ess, and several others. Data can be easily imported and exported to other programs. Read more about Diversity and watch it in action.

Requires macOS 10.6+

Analytic Rarefaction

Quick individual-based rarefaction


Version 2.0 - now even easier to use!

Analytic Rarefaction allows you to estimate diversity in a sample smaller that what you obtained. This new version has a simpler and more flexible user interface, allowing you to use files of species abundance in many different formats and without restrictions on file names or file locations. Analytic Rarefaction produces a file of estimated diversities that you can plot in any standard data plotting package. Read more about Analytic Rarefaction and how to use it.

Requires macOS 10.7+

Margin of Error


Error bars for percentages made easy

Margin of Error produces confidence intervals for percentages. You supply the observed percentage, the sample size, and the confidence level, and Margin of Error will you give you the upper and lower confidence limit. Use this whenever you want to convey the uncertainty in any estimate of percentage. Calculating error bars on percentages has never been simpler!Read more about Margin of Error and how to use it.

Requires macOS 10.4+