Ecological counts: easy in, easy out

Taxon makes it a snap to make ecological counts in the field and export the data for analysis. Create a census, and it’s automatically tagged with your coordinates, date, and time. Enter any notes you want about the census. Add species and increment their abundances as you count them. You’ll see diversity metrics updated instantaneously. Export all of your data through Dropbox, iCloud, iTunes, or email - they’re saved in a standard, widely read format. It’ a censusing dream come true: easy in, easy out.

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Your geology, right now.

How many times have you been in the field and wished you had a geologic map? With your iPhone, an internet connection, and Mancos, now you do. Go anywhere in the lower 48 United States (and beyond!) with GPS, a tap on the map, or search by name. Mancos shows you a geologic map of the area, details about the stratigraphic unit at that location, and the regional stratigraphic column, using data supplied by You can even see all of the fossil collections reported in the region by the Paleobiology Database.

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Strike and Dip

Into the field

Take your strike and dip measurements in one step, measure accurate bearings and vertical angles. Save all of these as editable notes, tagged with your current date, time, and GPS position. Add photos to your notes, too. All your notes and photos are easily retrieved.

Works with iPhone and iPad - Buy it for $4.99 at the App Store


Coordinate conversion, mapping, bearing, waypoints, and more!

Coordinates makes it a snap to convert any position between the four formats for recording your geographic position. Send the location as a text message, view it on a map, or get a bearing and distance that will let you walk right to the location. Even use the GPS to get your current position. Now with waypoints!

Works with iPhone and iPad - Buy it for 99¢ at the App Store

Coordinates Lite

Instant, free conversion of GPS coordinate systems

Coordinates Lite is a great free way to quickly convert between the three formats for recording latitude and longitude: decimal degrees, degrees and decimal minutes, and degrees-minutes-seconds. It couldn’t be simpler: tap the coordinates, edit them, and the conversion is instantaneous.

Works with iPhone and iPad - Free at the App Store